I, I won’t justify, the way I live my life, cuz I’m-the-one-living-and-feeling-and-tasting-and now you’re just watsing your time, tryin to throw me a line, when you’re the one drownin, I-like-where-I’m-at-on-my-back-floatin-down in my own riptide, the water is fine
Sick Puppies - Riptide



Awesome Guide for those forgetful bunch out there



Awesome Guide for those forgetful bunch out there

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If the new American father feels bewildered and even defeated, let him take comfort from the fact that whatever he does in any fathering situation has a fifty percent chance of being right.
Bill Cosby

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s day to my dad Phil and all the other awesome father’s out there. I wouldn’t be here in this world without your seed and exuberant guidance.

Did you guys know that today is the 100th anniversary of the Father’s Day tradition? It was started in Spokane, Washington back in 1910 by a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd. She was the oldest for 6 children, and her mother passed away when she was only 16. Her father, she said, then played the role of both father and mother. She was attending church one afternoon on Mother’s Day when she got to thinking that father’s should be equally thanked, and thus began the tradition as we all know it, Father’s Day.

Hopefully he doesn’t kill me for putting this up.. Way back when with his brother Thierry. Happy Father’s Day, dad, I love you!


Marie-Mai’s Cauchemar… A friend recently turned me onto Marie-Mai, a French pop-rock artist.

Mon deux Poste de Blog

So it’s been like a week or 2 since the first post, but I’m back! In part 2 of this blog of unknown length, I’d like like to gloat a little bit, and then bitch some. I think I’ll bitch first, and then gloat, so it gives this entry a more positive feel at the end.

So as most of you know, unless you live under a rock, the 2010 FIFA World Cup kicked off last Friday. The US had a decent performance in our opener against England, drawing 1-1. Today, we played Slovenia. As is usual of the Yanks, we started out terribly… Poor defense, sloppy play, and Slovenia entered the half up 2-0. We started the 2nd half as a whole different team… 3 minutes in, Landon Donovan had a blistering shot over the Slovenian goalkeeper to cut the deficit in half. About 25 minutes later, Michael Bradley scored off of a pretty head-flick by Josy Altidore to tie up the game. 2 minutes later, the US scored again. But wait Jacob, the score of the Slovenia-US game was 2-2, you dumbass. This is only due to the idiotic mistake committed by the ref. A foul was called on Maurice Edu, who had knocked the ball in from Landon Donovan’s superb free kick. Looking back on the replays, there was NO foul!!! If anything, there should have been a foul given to the US as the Slovenian player was practically riding Michael Bradley in the box. Here’s a video from youtube with said renounced goal.

Was this not a goal? The players repeatedly asked the ref from Mali what the call was, and they were never told. The ref was no good throughout the game as it were, and this call just added to his woes. The good thing is that the US still can make it out of the group stage with a win over Algeria on Tuesday. Let’s go boys!!

On a more positive note, summer classes are going extremely well. Making 90s on Bio tests and 96/99 on a French quiz/test, respectively, is pretty sweet. The only struggle with the classes is waking for the 8am Bio and making it to class. So this is the “gloaing” section of this post, if you will. *Gloats*

Well, I was going to add to the random nature of this blog by throwing in a completely absurd and unrelated topic to discuss. But because I am lacking in the creativity department, I cannot come up with any ideas. So feel free to submit a topic and I will write about it. Until next time, stay classy. Goodbye, Au revoir!


My First Blog Post, or as the French would say, Mon Premier Poste de Blog

Welcome to my blog. I know what you all must be thinking (assuming more than one person reads this blog, lest my first blog entry already be grammatically incorrect), “Jacob, what is your favorite type of cheese?” Astounding isn’t it, that I guessed your first question coming into the blog without having met you. Well, the answer, Internet peoples, is Muenster. That shit’s De-Ly-cious.

You must also be wondering what in the hell this blog will be about. That in itself is a trick question. You see, I have no idea what will be featured in this blog, let alone if I will continue interest in this sort of thing. So your guesses (gotta keep assuming multiple people will read this) are as good as mine.

Thus concludes Mon Premier  Poste De Blog. Feeling satisfied/dissatisfied about the lack of information provided in this first entry? Feel free to send me a comment/question/concern about this entry. I am also open for discussion topics for later entries into this blog. Until next time… Goodbye,Au revoir.